Lakshmi Deshpande

   GD (Comm&Desi)
   Email: lakshmi.deshpande[at]
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  Design of an Educational Activity to understand basic Arithmetic

Guide: Prof.G.V.Sreekumar

The idea of designing for children has always excited me. I am intrigued by the children’s ability to grasp abstract concepts. I started the project with the aim of designing an activity that would be fun and have a hidden learning value. I took up Arithmetic as a focus area since it forms the root for advanced concepts in Mathematics. I started thinking of ways in which I could design an activity to make the subject more exciting and enjoyable for a child who has just begun his/her educational journey. The activity I designed is a game, which can be played by children of ages 6+ years. This game ‘Rule the Top!’ based on addition and subtraction, brings children together for an enjoyable time and their basic arithmetic skills are sharpened.
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