Prerak Mehta

   B.Tech (Computer Science)
   Email: prerak.idc[at]
          Animation       Interaction Design     Industrial Design     Visual Communication  
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  Improving Engineering Education using Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Guide: Prof. Kirti Trivedi

Given the current scenario of engineering education in the country, there is a dire need of improvement in the way engineering education is structured and the guidelines it follows. With information and communication technology having become accessible and widespread, it is bound to play a vital role in enhancing the state of engineering education. A self-learning environment is generally lacking from the scene. The project proposes an online directory for free web based engineering content as a common resource platform to aggregate the scattered content on the web and a framework for engineering education using Information and Communication Technology. A generic level component breakup for engineering has been made, followed by detailed description of each component and ways of executing them. The structure, behavior and interface of the online directory have been developed from the insights gained through the project work.
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