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  The Journey of Marathi Cinema

Guide: Prof.Mandar Rane

Marathi cinema is considered as the pioneer of Indian Cinema as it is the oldest of both Indian and Pakistani cinema. The first silent film was made by Dadasaheb Phalke in 1913, the pre-independence era. It is recognized as a giant leap in the Indian entertainment domain. Soon it led to the rise of Hindi and other regional film industries in the country. Marathi cinema went through many phases during its development over the last ten decades. After a golden period, Marathi cinema faced several years of struggle and suffering. The current state of Marathi Cinema is progressive and has created a benchmark well acknowledged by Oscar nominations. With Marathi Cinema completing a hundred years in 2013, it is befitting to trace back its history. This project deals with depicting the journey of Marathi Cinema and visualizing the data related to movies that made a mark in history.
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