Anindya Biswas
   BFA (Applied Arts)
   Email: asbiswas[at]
          Animation       Interaction Design     Industrial Design     Visual Communication  
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  An Ordinary day

Guide: Prof.Sudesh Balan

'An Ordinary Day' is a narrative short film. The self-written story is about the protagonist’s dream. Every day we experience several incidents that affect our dreams. It is interesting to know, how we always find ourselves somewhere in the middle of a dream sequence. We never recall the beginning. Non-linearity of a dream is very appealing. We get glimpses of few sequences and jump from one point to another. In the end, out of these bits, we try making a shape or a structure in the form of a story. The film follows a small thread within a dream sequence. The underlying story is based on how life’s day to day routine kills our deeper aspirations. This is an exploration of the film language, and visual appearances of different genres of films.
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