Chitra Chandrashekhar
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  Stop Motion Animation: Exploring techniques and narrative structures

Guide: Prof.Sudesh Balan

Narratives are an integral part of human evolution and our unique way of making meaning. Narrative discourses and storytelling have evolved over time. Film narratives with power to hold the audience’s attention are a timeless way of storytelling. Animation films, an offshoot of filmmaking, offer the experience of seeing a story come to life, and yet is different from perceived reality. Stop motion animation films captivate viewers as mundane objects gain magical qualities transforming them into personalities that people easily connect with. The project explores visual communication, as an audio visual narrative experience using stop motion animation. It also aided my understanding of storytelling, narratives, image making, music and stop motion animation film making. From a set of experiments and explorations came the final goal - ‘The Elusive i’, an abstract narrative experience using sand animation. Pursuit of ‘i’ urges the mind to travel through many space-time worlds to discover its meaning. What is ‘i’?
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