Rangoli Garg

   BFA (Applied Arts)
   Email: rangoligarg[at]gmail.com
          Animation       Interaction Design     Industrial Design     Visual Communication  
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  A film on society and the individual

Guide: Prof. Raja Mohanty

Every individual goes through dilemmas in their lifetime. These dilemmas may relate to professional, personal or simply to their day-to-day routine life. Most of these occur due to few major reasons such as morals, money, emotion or culture. My film explores the dilemma one goes through and the battle one fights within oneself, to find the right solution in a par¬ticular situation. This is achieved through various characters interacting with and affecting each other with their life experiences. Sometimes society becomes the major factor in influencing one’s decision which may or may not be right for that person. The film tries to explore such decisions in a very subtle manner and provokes the audience to rethink whether they have actually taken any wrong decision in their lives.
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