Swati Shrivastava

   B.E (Computer Science)
   Email: srivastavaswati9[at]gmail.com
   Portfolio: cargocollective.com/swatisrivastava
          Animation         Interaction Design       Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
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  'TiBlo' - Summer Internship at CalorxPrerna, Ahmedabad

For my summer project, I developed two interactive devices to assist Dyslexic children in learning. TiBlo (Tangible Interactive Blocks) is an open ended, tangible learning aid for children between the age group of 8 to 12 years. These blocks use sounds and visuals created by the children to improve their memory and organizational skills. The blocks are tessellated, so they can be connected from all the sides with each other. TiBlo can record and playback 10 seconds of sound and has a grid to pin the visuals. It is an open ended learning aid that can be used to help children build stories, learn spellings, and so on. A physical prototype of this concept was developed and tested successfully. SpellBound is another interactive learning aid that aims to develop an integrated approach towards learning spellings in the English Language. It is an activity based learning aid which uses color, visuals and tangible shapes as assets in the process of teaching English vocabulary to children having Dyslexia.
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