Shant Sagar

   B.E (Computer Science)
          Animation         Interaction Design       Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
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  User Interface Design for Kiosk System; Summer Internship project at TATA Elxsi Ltd. Bangalore

Mobile Value‐Added Services (VAS) are those services that offer differentiation and the ability for mobile operators to charge a premium price. Traditional VAS has been primarily SMS‐based, with Bollywood and Cricket as the largest content drivers. Mobile VAS contributes approximately seven percent of the total wireless telecom revenues for Indian operators, but the consumers are not fully aware of the services offered in the MVAS market. My concept was to develop a self-service kiosk system for MVAS. Self-service kiosks provide 24x7 conveniences while reducing cost per transaction, customer churn, and wait times for handling product information. They help to extend corporate brand image, increase customer satisfaction, improve service level across all outlets and provide transparency in transactions. The final concept is a User Interface for a kiosk system that can be accessed at public places like airports, cafes, hospitals or metro stations. The kiosk will be helpful in downloading songs (audio and video), wall papers, ring tones, screen savers, MMS, Jokes, Games, applications and many other services for mobile phones.
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