Pooja Rastogi
   MA (Fine Arts)
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  Mobile Solutions for Frequent Business Travellers on Windows 7

Industry Sponsor: Microsoft India Development Centre (MSIDC), Hyderabad

Guide: Prof Anirudha Joshi,
           Amit Chowdhury (MSIDC)

Millions of people travel internationally for business purposes nowadays. Business travel is often associated with hectic schedules, unfamiliar destinations, management of expenses and recollection of meeting experiences which seem more of a hassle for today’s business traveller. The aim of the project is to design a mobile solution for business travellers which gathers, organizes and retrieves need specific information whenever and wherever desired. This relieves the user of many worries during pre, on and post travel. The mobile solution assists the user in effective schedule and itinerary management. It provides up-to-date information of the destinations, such as weather, events and places to visit. It organises, manages and creates backup of important mails and documents on mobile for the purpose of quick review. It also helps the business traveller prepare meeting notes and travel expense accounts smoothly, facilitating easier collation of meeting experiences and trip expenses post travel.
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