Dhyan Suman

   GDPD (Textile Design), NID
   Email: dhyansuman[at]gmail.com
          Animation         Interaction Design       Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
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  Media of communication for couples

Guide: Prof. Ravi Poovaiah

The aim of this project was to come up with new interactive media for communication, focusing on a scenario where two individuals are in a relationship and live in distant places. In today’s context, many people are in some or the other form of long distance relationships (LDR). Their modes of communication are usually the general mediums like phone calls, SMS, emails etc which are limited in conveying personal emotions. This project aims to understand various factors of LDR and explore ways of commu­nication among couples, which would enrich their relationship by conveying moods, presence and atmosphere. This understanding has been conceptualized into an interactive system ‘Aabhaas’, which focuses on recreating the presence of distant loved one and experience of the relaxed environment when they both are together. The system consists of an interactive pillow to communicate a device to record and send the silhouette to the other person through an interactive mat.
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