Samiksha Kothari

   BFA (Fine Arts)
          Animation         Interaction Design       Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
  Project 1          Project 2           Project 3  
  'Co-Web' - An application for Collaborative Web Searching for Pre-Teens and Teens

Guide: Prof. Mandar Rane
           Prof. Pramod Khambete

'Co-Web' Web search is generally considered a solitary activity; browsers and search engines are designed to support single-user scenarios. However after extensive user studies I learnt that users often get lost searching from the endless pages of seemingly random links generated by the search engines. This is more of a problem when it is referred to in terms of novice users and children who tend to give up and stop searching. Co-Web: A Rich Internet Application was developed as the outcome to enhance the in-search and post-search experience of the users.A user-centered design methodology was followed to identify how teens and pre-teens use search engines in their daily life and attempt to recognize the key real-world interactions which help support this activity. This design solution proposes that integrating collaboration with family, friends and visualizing search keeps the user group interested and helps them retain and use the information they seek more cohesively within the existing search paradigms.
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