Ishneet Grover
   B.Tech(Computer Science)
   Email: ishneetgrover[at]
          Animation         Interaction Design       Industrial Design      Visual Communication  
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  Learning Installaion for Indian Schools

Guide: Prof. Anirudha Joshi

The aim of the project was to design and develop an interactive installation on ‘The change in the path of the sun in the sky due to variation in geodesic location and time’ for Indian schools using common learning objects to create a realistic simulation of the event. Motions of the Earth, the tilt in earth’s rotational axis, the changing seasons and the reasons behind this phenomenon is difficult to understand for children between 10 to 14 years as there is no scope of direct exposure. It was observed that 2D renderings on paper and screen based material are insufficient to teach the concept accurately. The final designed and developed installation helps the student to get a clear understanding through visualization of the problem. The designed platform can also be used effectively to teach other similar concepts such as nature of shadows of objects during different time periods of the day.
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