Amrutha Krishnan

   B.E. (Computer Science)
   Email: writetoamrutha[at]
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  Math learning aid in multi-grade/rural schools

Guide: Prof. Anirudha Joshi

The aim behind this project was to create a mathematics learning aid for children belonging to rural multi-grades. Multi-grade schools are schools in which students belonging to more than one grade are seated together in a single classroom and are taught by a single teacher. Based on my studies, the final concept involved design of a computer based learning aid, to teach 2-digit addition and subtraction to students aged 6 - 8 years, by simulating the classroom environment using multi-mice. Here I used the multi-mice paradigm in a turn taking model in order to reduce the dominance behavior in small student groups. As the target group was young and from a rural background I used an agent to aid the learning process. Further, with a view to increase relevance, student engagement and interest in the application, I used short stories that employed images of children using the application.
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