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Design Thoughts

August 2010:

    page 1
Home Introduction
(pdf 161kb)
    Ravi Poovaiah

    page 2-10
Home Natura Domestica: nature and/of/in homes
(pdf 5.8mb)
    Neelakantan P. K., Uday Athavankar

    page 11-24
Home Grounded Theory: An Effective Method for User Experience     Design Research
(pdf 778kb)
Pramod Khambete, Uday Athavankar

    page 25-46
Home On Defining Visual Narratives
(pdf 942kb)
Sherline Pimenta, Ravi Poovaiah

    page 47-58
Home Investigation of the most preferred Bilingual Combination of     Words: An Experiment with a selected Place Identification     Signboard
(pdf 1.13mb)
Nanki Nath, Ravi Poovaiah

    page 59-72
Identification & Classification of Semantic Units Used in     Formation of Patterns in Kundan Jewellery, a Methodical     Approach (pdf 1.85mb)
Parag K. Vyas, V.P. Bapat

Design Thoughts

July 2009:

    page 1
Home Introduction
(pdf 130kb)
    Ravi Poovaiah

    page 2-7
Home Traditional writing system in Southern India — Palm leaf     manuscripts
(pdf 814kb)
    D. Udaya Kumar, G.V.Sreekumar, U. A. Athvankar

    page 8-23
Home Across the Web: The Colors of India as a cross-cultural     collaborative initiative for learning
(pdf 1610kb)
Dr. Ajanta Sen, Ravi Poovaiah, Robert Pulley

    page 24-27
Home Bindu: The Dot Personified
(pdf 478kb)
Haku Shah

    page 28-33
Home The Kaavad storytelling tradition of Rajasthan
(pdf 697kb)
Nina Sabnani

    page 34-41
Fractal like Model for Designing Educational Stories (pdf 728kb)
Sachin Dutt

    page 42-48
Home Functions of Grid, a key for flexibility in framework
(pdf 691kb)
Prasad Bokil

Design Thoughts

January 2009:

    page 1
Home Introduction
(pdf 39kb)
    Ravi Poovaiah

    page 2-4
Home Once I Was A Banyan Deer
(pdf 801kb)
    Shilpa Ranade

    page 5-10
Home Design by People within Culturally-rooted Idioms
- the new ‘cool’ in a globalised world
(pdf 693kb)
Ravi Poovaiah, Ajanta Sen

    page 11-19
Home Visual Appetite
(pdf 976kb)
Mandar S. Rane

    page 20-24
Home Narrative and Non-Narrative Traditions
(pdf 1269kb)
Raja Mohanty

    page 25-30
New Post Box Design For Indian Postal Service (pdf 706kb)
B. K. Chakravarthy

    page 30-36
Home Anatomy of Devanagiri Typefaces
(pdf 614kb)
Girish Dalvi

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