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Academic Environment at IDC
The Institute cherishes the hope that its graduates will be the leaders of tomorrow. Their education is patterned with this in view. The Institute provides excellent environment facilitating and supporting the pursuit of excellence.

A student faculty ratio of 5:1 at IDC ensures a strong faculty-student interaction. The students have opportunities to work on seminars and projects under the faculty's guidance. Many of the projects are sponsored by industry and government agencies and provide both students and faculty a chance to tackle live problems.

Design Education at IDC
The prime objective at the IDC is an integrated and interdisciplinary approach in design education.

The design training at the IDC is intended to develop an attitude among the students toward problem solving in design in order to prepare them to go into the field and face a wide range of challenges at the end of their education at the centre.

Product Usability Development

Student Name: Anirban Maiti

Disposable High-Tea Plate

Student Name: Antick | Arjun | Arnab | Arun | Ankur


Student Name: Nazreen | Quashif | Ram

Touché: Enhancing Touch Interaction

Student Name: Chinmay Parab

Swarchakra-with-Prediction to a Version Without

Student Name: Abhijith | Herold | Vivek

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