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Design Resources
The following is the list of selected publications from IDC:

Design Manifesto
Home For a Design Enabled Technical Education
- A Report by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) along with the IIT's
- (Click here... pdf document 132K)

Design Reports
Home Report on Introducing 'Design and Innovation' in school Curriculum in India
- outcome of the National meet held at IDC, IIT Bombay during February 2009

- (Click here... pdf document 165K)

Home Proposal for ‘Empowering Communication/Graphic Design
Education’ in India

- outcome of the National meet held at IDC, IIT Bombay during February 2007 during 'Icograda Design Wee in India'

- (Click here... pdf document 79K)

Home Report on 'Design as a Strategy for a Developing Economy'
- outcome of the 'National Design Committee' appointed by the government in 1989

- (Click here... pdf document 272K)

IDC Design Research Journal - 'Design Thoughts'
Home August 2010 Issue
July 2009 Issue
January 2009 Issue

Design Publications
Home Tools, Technologies, Finishes and Design for Bamboo-
Edited by A G Rao, 2002, IDC Publications

Home Humanising Work and Work Environment- Proceedings of the International Ergonomics Congress, 2001
Edited by G G Ray, A K Ganguly, P K Nag, 2003, Quest Publications, India

Home Selected Papers on Design
Edited by S Nadkarni, 1998, IDC Publications

Home Readings from Ulm
Edited by Kirti Trivedi, 1994, IDC Publications

Home Bamboo - Craft - Design
Edited by A G Rao, Madhavi Koli, 1993, IDC Publications

Home Arthaya - in search of meaning in man-made products and images
Edited by Ravi Poovaiah, 1993, IDC Publications

Home Design as a Strategy for Developing Economy - working paper
Edited by U Athavankar, 1992, IDC Publications

Home Indian Symbology - Proceedings of the Seminar on Indian Symbology, 1985
Edited by Kirti Trivedi, 1987, IDC Publications

Home Industrial Design Centre - a decade of design experience
Edited by A G Rao, 1980, IDC Publications

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