Ketaki Haldipurkar    |   Ketki Saxena   |   Hemanth   |   Juny Wilfred  |    Palash Vaswani

Ashwin Dongre   |   Nitish Kumar   |   Sameer Jena   |   Kavita Dicholkar


"We don’t just move lines, we move people!” is the watchword of this animation batch.

Deeply researched and critically evaluated, the stories are of diverse nature-from wildlife to mythology. The topics chosen are so personal, that they often solve their life issues through their films. Traditional Indian art forms, experimental material animation are just a few from the plethora of animation styles found in the projects.

Having been through the entire process of film making; from ideation to the final edit and sounds, and complimented with a strong understanding of the medium of animation, they tell stories in a peerless manner. Abetted by visual styles that are diverse yet strong in language and character, they give newer definitions to animation and films.