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Nitish Kumar
+91 9967168021

B.Tech IT.
M.N.N.I.T Allahabad,
Uttar Pradesh, India

Address :Khontola, Benk,Biraul, Darbhanga,Bihar - 847203

Interests: 2-D Animation, Story Boarding, Layout Design, Sketching, Painting, Illustration

Guide: Prof. Nina Sabnani

This narrative is about fantasy world of a little girl, Saru.It is about her dream, desires, and wish-fulfillment.She lives in her own magical dream world, filled with what she loves - flow¬ers, butterflies, fireflies, stars, the rainbow and lots of smile.

This narrative is also about her perception of nature. To her, the moon is Chanda Mama, the sun is Suraj Chacha and so on. They form the Santa Claus in her land.She thinks that the butterflies, stars and others are the ones that create the magical flowers that fill her garden; where as, all of they are actually a creation of her sweet magical smile. This film is visualized in the Madhubani Painting style.