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Kavita Dicholkar
+91 986065755

BFA Applied Arts,
Illustration (major)
J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai

Address :13/ Yashomangal sadan, Nehru Rd, Dombivali (east ) 421201.

Interests: ideation, 2D animation, motion graphics, concept art and photography

Loves me.. Loves me not.. :A short animation film on emotion of flower
Guide: Prof. Raja Mohanty

Everyone has the right and should have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the beautiful fragile flowers, instead of plucking them. Flowers life is short and sometimes we make it shorter. But in their short span life they try to give their life to others and make them happy. We have never cared about them or their emotions.

Through my project with the help of animation and fantasy I have not only made the movie to entertain them but also to make them realize the emotion and pain of flowers. After watching the moving I at least expect people to think twice before they pluck the delicate beauty