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Ketki Saxena
+91 9870352211

BFA Applied Arts,
R.S College of applied art and craft,
Mumbai University

Address : E-17, Rh–4, Sector – 6, Vashi, Navi Mumbai - 400703

Interests: Story-boarding, Character Design, Website design, 3D Modeling, Game Development.

"Euphoria"- A short animation film on dance
Guide: Prof. Nina Sabnani

My interest in Dance and choreography inspired me to share my experience of dance through this film. This film celebrates dance. It is about a person who finds a way out of the agitation and anxieties brought on by worldly matters through the act of dancing, she dances away her anxieties. Dance provides her a sense of identity and freedom.

This is a short 2d animation film exploring the process of abstraction in dance combined with music and colours, yet following a narrative pattern.