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Type Studio:
The "Type Studio" works on three focus areas:
1. Font Design
2. Publication Design
3. Design for Children.

The main aim of the studio is to develop a platform for research and facilitate design activities in the areas listed above, to encourage students of to take up projects in these areas and develop products which can be useful to the society at large. In a country like India which has a large number of regional languages, there are ample opportunities for good quality typefaces.
So far, there has been a lot of research and development work in these areas by various organizations, but their output still eludes the common man. Awareness and accessibility to well designed fonts can contribute a lot to improving the quality of communication design in India.

Devanagiri Font Design Malayalam Font Design
Font Design:
To facilitate design of typefaces for Indian languages and research in typography related issues in Indian context - like multilingual communication.
a. Design of a set of typefaces which follow the same visual grammar in all Indian languages, which can be used effectively in multi-lingual contexts like signage systems. All typefaces created in these projects will be available at IDC website for free downloading, so that anyone handling multi-lingual projects can make use of fonts developed at IDC.
b. Design of a web based programme to teach Typography, which can be used by anyone who is interested in learning about typography.
c. Documentation of Indian language typefaces.
d. Design of Indian language typefaces for various media like print, web, hand held devices like PDAs and mobile phones.

Concrete Poetry Malayalam Magazine Kanyaka re-design
Publication Design:
To study publication design and develop publications in design related areas.
IDC newsletter, Design Degree Show publications and Books on Design (like compilations of papers by IDC faculty).

Teaching Devnagari Letters to Children Teaching Devnagari Letters to Children
Design for Children:
To develop products which improve learning and help children in understanding study materials. Research into story telling techniques, experiential learning, learning aids, child psychology etc.
Redesign of text books, products to facilitate interaction and group activities for children, learning aids in print, multi-media and web on specific subjects.
Student project examples:
. "Teaching aids for learning Devnagari letterforms for primary school children", Karande Preeti, VC batch 1999-2001,
. "Design of book to teach Kannada Typography", Narayan Sindhu, VC Batch 2001-2003.

For additional information, Write to
Prof G V Sreekumar
Studio-Project Co-ordinator
at gvsree@iitb.ac.in  

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