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The following is a list of words and phrases currently prevalent in IITians vocabulary :

AA – The coveted academic grade.

App – Stands for application, in simplistic terms is an attempt for getting a schol.

Arbit – (dim. of arbitrary) means nothing in specific and everything in general. e.g. arbit grades (as in labs), arbit babes (as in IIT), arbit fundaes (as in all of you).

Babe – An exalted term meaning girl, and a highly endangered species in IIT schol.

Booze – Spiritual sustenance for the Al, especially after the midsems, endsems, actually, anytime.

Bunk – (orig. lectures) Cut lectures and do what you would have done in the first place….crash!

Cogging – (1) Exercise of the neck causing eyestrain (2) Replication of any old ghoda’s assignment.

Cracku – What every IITian aspires to be, maybe in the next semester!

Daya – the word itself is self-explanatory!!!

Department – Ancient torture chamber still in use. For help see ‘bunk’.

Despo – (dim. Of desperate) Situation in which the Al is with respect to grub, babes, money, everything.

Endsem – The end. The final blow from the sadists from the department. Also the time the Profs. take revenge for all the ink darts you threw and blamed your neighbour for.

Fart – any comment, not even vaguely related to the point of discussion.

Fukka/Furra – A major accomplishment, especially as it is rather difficult in IIT. 

Freshie – (dim. of freshman, orgi.JEE) Dumb, confused, scared, new- born IITian.

Fundaes What all toppers have acquired with divine intervention.

Give up used in the sense give up hai tera or give up maar de meaning good for nothing and actually GIVE UP in real sense respectively.

Grub – Euphemism for offal served in the mess.

Huggoo – Antonym of cracku, in all respects. The ‘so near, yet so far’ case.

IIT – An institution. You get that? You are all in an institution! Also interpreted as Institution for Insane Technologists.

Intro A freshie’s inaugural address and he better make it long.

Junta Group of Al’s. Also plural of panchhi.

Lab – Also a torture chamber equipped with modern technology.

Lukhagiri – Any of the several delightful ways to waste time.Used more often than not to avoid mugging.

Major – (pronounced ‘may-jhur’) an adjective meaning big, as in ‘major cracku’.

Muggoo – Synonymous with N.B.D.u, an accusation which every IITian stoutly denies.

NBD – Nervous breakdown. A state that occurs before, during and after every quiz and test.

Nightout – A one night stand, a last ditch effort to salvage the semester.

Night tea – Usually precedes nightout. An effort to cool the nerves. Actually a major cack session.

Open notes – What helps the Xerox shops to mint money and gives the Prof. an excuse to set a tense paper.

PAF- Performing Arts Festival. The annual cultural extravaganza in IIT.

Panchhi – Individual form of junta.

Park – Do nothing, wait for the end of the world.

Poltu – A breed of netas in the insti.

Pseud – Anybody who wears shoes, dresses neatly, and talks in la-di-dah English; hence a misfit IITian.

Reco – Randomly Extravagant Certificate of Overstatement.

RG – (1) Any cracku or muggoo. (2) Any practitioner of closed door tactics.

Schol – Stipend for Comfortable and Happy Overseas Life. Also variously spelt as ‘skoll’ and ‘scoll’, but that way it doesn’t mean anything.

Scope – No way, nothing doing, go to hell. No scope!

YP – Wonder why it’s called that.

Zeneraal – The IITian way of saying ‘general’, Zenerally.

Credits : The Freshies Guide, IIT Bombay.

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