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There are a number of places inside and outside the campus offering a variety of food items.

Listed below are regularly visited joints :

On Campus::

Nescafe (Coffee Shack): Located near the STD/PCO booth in MB, this
Coffee shack serves Maggi noodles, soup, hot/cold coffee and hot/iced tea.

Descafe: This small but self sufficient tea stall located on the first floor of the PD cell in the IDC. It is an ideal place to have a Vada Pav.

Gulmohar Cafeteria: 2nd floor of Gulmohar building (near H-10).
Good ambience, reasonable prices. [Phone: 022 2576 2783]

Staff Canteen: It is near the security office in MB. Lunch and Dinner are also available.Open till 2 am.

Upahaar: Fast food joint near IIT Market. Popular for its Vada Pav (among school kids particularly).

Srishti: Health Food Shade: Located just opposite to H1.

Ahar: Run by Shakti (Ladies) Club, behind Van Vihar guest house.
Clean wholesome lunch, reasonable price.

Your Canteens: Hostel 13/Hostel 12-Open till 4 am.

Powai Market::

Radhakrishna (RK): A place for booze, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, prices are on the higher side. Located opposite the middle gate, which is now closed.

Vadilal’s: Outside middle gate, this place is great for a late night cup of coffee and serves great ice cream and famouse for samosas too. Provides a veg-thali for 30 bucks.

Monginis: Located just outside the middle gate, this is a Place to gain weight. Pastries, burgers, cakes; pitawich….the scrumptious list goes on.

Maddu Mess: A small room on the road to Classic between YP and middle gate, open from 5:30am to 11pm, this place represents good value for money. Its serves both veg. and non-veg. and Chinese food. A heaven for niteout junta.

Laxmi: Near Main Gate. South Indian and other veg food. Quick service, home delivery available.

Hiranandani Gardens::

Galleria: This place provides a plethora of food options, like parathas, biryanis, pizza, chaat, Thai food, up market pastry shops, corn club, juices and ice creams. This is the favourite hangout of many IITians.

Gary’s Menu: Another great place in HN for non-veg. and Chinese food.

Rodas: 5 star restaurant good ambience, if you are flushed with money.

Saffron Price: Another 5 star for the monied.

Pizza Hut, Dominos and Garcias: Great Pizzas for the kid in you.

Food Court: Located near Jal Vayu Vihar (near HN), this also provides reasonably priced veg. and non-veg. food with great ambience.

Natural Icecreams: As the name suggests healthy (& testy) seasonal fruit icecreams.

CCD: A great place to have coffee and hang out with friends.

Utsav: Nice restaurant...Provides good value for money with great veg and non-veg fare.

Subway: have 6”or foot-long “subs”. Good for health conscious junta.

Credits : The Freshies Guide, IIT Bombay.

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