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The IDC has fully equipped materials focused studios such as Metal Studio, Wood Studio, Plastic Studio and Ceramic Studio with facilities for making scale models as well as full size prototypes.

The Photo Studio has full fledged facilities for colour and black and white photography. Video facilities include Digital equipment's.

The Media Studio has facilities for Interface, digital video, sound, editing and multimedia work with dual monitors and tablets for each of the terminals. The computers include PC's and Apple power Mac's.
Further information -Media Studio:   

The Animation Studio has facilities for both 2D and 3D work. The facilities include working with Maya and Animo supported by large size scanners and digitizing tablets.
Further information - Animation Studio:   

The Print Studio has facility for type design as well as publication design work. IDC has its own printing studio for offset printing supported by DTP and Font design packages.
Further information - Type Studio:   

The clay styling studio is equipped with stocks of styling clay, tools and ovens to help generate alternatives for styling in products and automobiles.
Further information - Clay Studio:   

The Bamboo Laboratory does research on finding new application for bamboo; new ways of treating bamboo, develop tools for the craftsmen, etc. The laboratory works collaboratively with craftsmen and designers.
Further information - Bamboo Studio:   

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