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Bamboo Studio:
Bamboo as the fastest growing biomass is ecofriendly and a future material for designers. Bamboo craft with its unique traditions opens up new possibilities in 'design expression' with woven forms. India has 13 million Bamboo Craft persons all over the country with ranging skills. Most of them earn very little from the practice of craft, often abandoning the profession. There is vast scope of 'reposition' bamboo craft by 'design' to reach urban and export markets thereby increasing the earnings of village craft persons.

Bamboo Studio intends to nurture the bamboo craft to create new products made of craft with industrial discipline and appropriate technologies.

Skilled craft persons from Tripura and Mumbai are working continuous in developing new craft products with a team of 'designers' and design students at Bamboo Studio.

Bamboo Studio at IDC, IIT Bombay

UNDP Project on 'Tools, Technologies and Finishes for Bamboo':

Under a UNDP sponsored project through Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, a Tool kit with 33 items and 4 Hand operated Machines were designed and developed by a team of designers and engineers lead by Prof. A.G. Rao. Tool Kits and Small Machines were brought into production with several field trials and feed back. The tools in the tool kit cover various operations in bamboo craft from cutting of bamboo to final finishing.

Two manufacturers - Lamicraft Enterprises and Kadirus manufacture the tool kit and small machines under license from Bamboo Studio, IDC, IIT Bombay.

Several Natural dye finishes for Bamboo were also developed under the above project. Manuals for the coloring as well as operation of tools and machines were also brought out as part of the projects.

A concept of Micro Common Facility Centers was propagated involving transfer of 'Design' along with tools and technologies.

KVI Project on Mini Bamboo Clusters:
Currently Bamboo Studio is executing a project from Khadi and Village Industries to establish 12 Mini Bambo0o Clusters all over the country. Under the scheme a potential village of 'Bamboo Craft' affiliated an N.G.O. is selected. New Designs along with Training to make them are imparted. Tools, Machines, Moulds to the group and Mini tool kit to 25 individual craft persons are given under the scheme. 6 such work shops in Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Assam and Manipur have been conducted so far.

For additional information, Write to
Prof A G Rao
Bamboo Studio-Project Co-ordinator
at agrao@iitb.ac.in   

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