Priyanka Marawar

Graduate diploma in Product Design

1002 C1-Freesia, Neelkanth greens, Behind Tiku-jini-wadi, Manpada,Thane (W) 400610
Sustainability, Consumer goods design, Exhibition design, Lighting design, Furniture design, Graphic design, Design Research, Systems design
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Lighting for creating variable moods in a restaurant
Guide :
Prof. A.G.Rao
Moods are longer emotional states that one experiences. Lighting is an important tool that can be used to create different moods to create unique experiences in a restaurant space. This lighting solution creates a Tranquil, Romantic, Mysterious and Energetic mood as per need in a restaurant space. The product is a modular wall panel which when tessellated creates a wall which is lighted. It consists of a bellow that has different surfaces. Owing to the use of quality of light, material, texture, colour and form, each surface of the bellow has a certain light effect that it creates.