Pragati Kapur


222 B Sector 19, Dwarka,
New Delhi 110075
+91 9930130325
Industrial design, art and architecture, furniture design,
lifestyle products/accessories, interior design
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Set of picture frames for Magppie Retail Limited

Stainless steel is taking on designer shapes and hues to take its place among other designer ware and is foraying into the Indian and the
International markets
The design of the picture frame is based on the core inspiration of
combining function and emotion in such a way that it exudes elegance and warmth and makes it perfect for gifting.
The emotion that the picture frame is inspired from is that of Holding.
The project helped me understand how design inspirations are taken from different cultures, lifestyles and aspirations and also the various
materials and processes involved in the manufacturing and finishing of the stainless steel products.