Sanjay Nair

B.E.(Mech Engg)

D-004, Redwoods, Near Swapnanagari, Mulund(W), Mumbai-80.
People Insights, Product Innovation, Designing for Children, Product Interaction Design, Photography, Blogging
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Summer Project at Sriniketan, Shilpa Sadan

These lampshades were created during my internship at Shilpa Sadan in Santiniketan. The intent was to create a product using Handmade Paper that could be easily manufactured by local artisans using available resources.

The construction of the lampshade was kept simple, consisting of bamboo frames tied together by locally available nylon fishing threads, on which the handmade paper was stuck. The pattern on the paper was obtained by blowing a mixture of ink and acrylic colours, which would subsequently be mass produced by screen printing.