Priyanka Marawar

Graduate diploma in Product Design

1002, C1/Freesia, Neelkanth Greens, Behind Tikujini-wadi, Manpada,Thane (W) 400610
Sustainability,Consumer goods design, Exhibition design, Lighting design, Furniture design, Graphic design, Design Research, Systems design
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Re act - A sustainability awareness kit for Urban children
Guide :
Prof. R.Sandesh
Re act is a kit designed for a classroom activity in Indian schools for a group of 15-20 students. The “Do and learn” activity involves using medium of craft and storytelling.The objects they make during the craft activity then become entities and the children become characters in the story. The story is narrated by the children and a respective action is shown by the entities on the board. This board provides a platform where children can observe and realize the reaction caused by a small action. The story talks about sustainable issues in their local environment and the actions that we can take to make a change.