Teaching in IDC, IIT Bombay

Human-Computer Interaction

I have been giving short courses, workshops and invited lectures on Human-Computer Interaction, user interface design, usability evaluation etc. since 1994. I began teaching Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) after I joined Industrial Design Centre (IDC), IIT Bombay in 1998. IDC has always had the basic inputs that are so important in interaction design design process, user centeredness, ergonomics, human cognitive processes etc. My objective was to develop a further focus to the field of interaction design.

The course Human-Computer Interaction (IT 604) was offered for the first time as an independent elective to MTech students in KReSIT in January 2000. In the same semester, it was also conducted as a module of parallel courses for design students in Visual Communication and Product Design. Last year, HCI is attended by a large and diverse class comprising of students from Visual Communication, Product Design, Information Technology, Computer Science and many other departments.

Since July 2001, I offered an advanced elective on HCI for students from IDC - VC 635 Advanced Studies in Human Computer Interaction. While the IT 604 course was an introduction to HCI the intention here was to take the students beyond the basics. The course evolves every year. Currently, a large part of the course focuses on the technique of contextual inquiry, data analysis and consolidation across users. Each student also gives a seminar on current research in an area in HCI.

In year 2005, I am offering the elective VC 624 - Interaction Design.

Other Courses

In addition to HCI, I have also been teaching a few other courses in IDC. I have been assisting Prof. Kishor Munshi and Prof. BK Chakravarthy in teaching the course on Design Management to Visual Communication and Product Design students (ID 639 and VC 631) from 1999 to 2003.

I taught Representational Techniques I and II (VC 603 and VC 602) to Visual Communication students from 1999 to 2001. I taught Photo Communication I (VC 605) in 2001 and Visual Principles Syntactics (VC 601) in year 2004.


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