Ravi Poovaiah


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Professor, IDC, IIT Bombay
Convener, Educational Technology Centre, IIT Bombay

VC 601 - Visual Principles - Syntactic
VC 606 - Visual Design II
VC 659 - Computer Aided Graphic Design
VC 625 - Animation and Computer Graphics
VC 627 - Communication through Video
Interaction Design and New Media

Ongoing Projects:
'Collaborative Solar Project'
- on creating an experience driven collaborative environment on the Internet for children across different countries

'Interactive Smart Navigator'
- for online search applications in Super markets, City Streets, Play Activity, etc.
'Virtual Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning' (VCTEL)
- between the 5 IITs, 4 IIMs in India and CMU, USA (to focus on distance learning, digital libraries and collaborative research programs)

'Sign Systems'
- as applied to iconic wayfinding representations for public facilities, Internet navigation, Interface Design, etc.
website: www.idc.iitb.ac.in/ravi/signage
'Organisation and Structuring of Information'
- in various media to facilitate construction and visualisation of information

Workshop/Seminar Co-ordination:
4 Day Workshop on