ID 639 - Design Management and Professional Practice
( Prof. Anirudha Joshi & Prof. B.K. Chakravarthy )

Designer attributes. Setting up a design office. Finding clients. Business correspondence. Brief and briefing. Letter of contract. Professionalism and Ethics. Costing design and fee estimation. Management of Design Process. Human factor in managing design / team work. Role of staff designer in R&D activities. Design Evaluation. Patent and Design Registration laws / procedure. Seminar on a topic related to Design Management.

Lectures & workshop
for Senior VC & PD Batch ( year 2003)

  1. Introduction to Design Management- Prof. K. Munshi
  2. Time management: Prof. Anirudha Joshi
  3. Managing design & Best practice in Human factors international:
    Apala Lahiri Chavan, Managing Director, HFI India
  4. Costing: Prof. Anirudha Joshi
  5. Learnings from Dubba walas: Mr. Ram Agarwal
  6. Intellectual property rights and design: Prof. Ram Ganguly
  7. Innovation and collaborative Design: Prof B.K.Chakravarthy
    Screening and discussion: CII conference proceedings video
  8. Lectures on (i) Design Strategy (ii) Creativity: Prof.B.K.Chakravarty
  9. Workshop on Case Study based Learning: Mr. TVP Chowdry

Seminar on a topic related to Design Management.
(to read for exam)

  1. Fees charging: Vaibhav and Ajay Desai
  2. Marketing Design: Vidhya and Anand Nair
  3. Design Ethics: Nikhil and Anand
  4. Pubic Relations: Mohini and Sherline
  5. Murphy's laws: Prashant and Kiran Kulkarni
  6. PERT / CPM: Chakravarthy and Abhijith
  7. Brand Identity: Siddharth
  8. Project Feasibility: Deepak and George
  9. Design Practice Models: Viswanath and Kiran kumaran
  10. Leadership and Team Work: Shalaka and Gautham
  11. Collaborative Design: Hemant and Anupama
  12. Global Brands and Local Markets: Ram Brijesh and Pudi
  13. Organizational Behaviour : Krishna and Rashmin
  14. Chicken soup: Sindhu and Dipti
  15. How Designers Manage Time : Milouni and Darshan

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