ID 636 - Product Design
The emphasis of the course is on individually planned design projects in different product areas. Selection of these projects is based on consideration like close human interaction with product, wide range or requirements of different users and possibilities of formal and structural innovations. Projects end with a comprehensive presentation through working/mockup models,design drawing and a report. This project work is supported by theoretical information and short supporting assignment in following topics:

Role of creativity in problem solving study of inhibitions,conformity and vertical thinking; Assignments on using techniques like brain storming,synectics to develop creative attitude and open mind.

The development of modern design methods from craft evolution. Detailed discussion on stages in design process. Complimentary nature of systematic and creative thinking in various stages of design process. Discussion on nature of synthesis.

Methodology for visual analysis of products. Principles of value analysis,use, esteem,time and exchange values and definition of function.

ID 647 - Nature of Materials and Processes

Properties and usage of thermoplastics,thermosetting plastics. Selection and use of plastics for engineering and consumer products.
Design limitations and specific advantages of molding processes.
Properties and use of rubber, ceramics and glass. Ferrous and non ferrous metals - various processes and assembly techniques. Concepts of structure and costing.
Significance of form in structural strength of products. Influence of materials and processes on product aesthetics. Industrial finishes for plastic, wood and metals.
Properties of natural materials like wood, bamboo, cane,leather, cloth,jute and paper and their use at craft and industrial levels.

ID 652 - Product Detailing

Detailing in plastic products,while using processes like injection molding,vacuum molding, compression molding,F.R.P.moulding. Detailing for fabricated products in sheet metal, steel tubes and angles, aluminum sheets and extruded sections, detailing while using fabric materials, form and other cushions,leather and cloth in combination with materials like wood and metal.


1. Product Form and Aesthetics
2. Advanced Studies in form
3. Engineering Function Materials and Processes
4. Design Methods
5. Computer Aided Product Design
6. Advanced Materials Manufacturing Processes and finishes
7. Elements Of Design

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