Trends in Interaction Technologies

The regular slot for this class is on Thursdays from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm. But some classes may be scheduled according to the availability of the visiting faculty.
Schedule and Contents

Date Contents
8-1-09 No class (Muharram)
12-1-09, 11:30 A history of interaction design - Anirudha Joshi
15-1-09 Current Trends in E-commerce - Ramesh Krishnan
21-1-09, 11:30 Moore's technology adoption lifecycle - Anirudha Joshi
22-1-09 Interaction Design for India - Anirudha Joshi
29-1-09 Research Trends in HCI - Dr. Sanjay Tripathi
5-2-09 Web 2.0, RIAs, mashups - Pramod Khambete
12-2-09 Design for technology- An ethnographic approach - Nimmi Rangaswamy
26-2-09 History and Trends in E-learning - Punam Medh
5-3-09 Software Project Management - Pradeep Pendse
12-3-09 Introduction to Agile - Pradeep Pendse
19-3-09 Open source development - Satish Mohan (to be confirmed)
26-3-09 Social networks - Pramod Khambete
2-4-09, 5 pm Open Source - Amey Inamdar and Kedar Sovani (to be confirmed)
9-4-09 Accessibility - Shilpi Kapoor

Other lectures planned, but not yet scheduled:

Web Analytics
Call centres and multi-touch marketing - Pramod Khambete
Mobile applications and device convergence - Pramod Khambete
Software project management
History of technology and computers
COTS applications
Business models for interactive products


  • CK Prahlad, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, Pearson Power, (2006)
  • Geoffrey Moore, Crossing the Chasm, Harper Business (1999)
  • Bill Moggridge, Designing Interactions, The MIT Press (2006) #
  • Tom Kelly, Jonathan Littman, The Ten Faces of Innovation, Currency Doubleday (2005)
  • Randolph Bias, Deborah Mayhew, Cost-Justifying Usability, Morgan Kaufmann (2005)
  • Lewis, Michael; The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story; Penguin Books (2001)

* Book in IITB Central Library (please let me know if you find others)
# Book in IDC library
$ Book in KReSIT library