My Current PhD Students

I am the guide or co-guide for the following PhD students:

  • Indrani Medhi, A usability assessment of the effect of less literacy on the use of instructional videos and information architecture
  • Abhishek Shrivastava: Framework for designing Audio - Video Interfaces for semi-literate population
  • Rwitajit Mujumdar (Educational Technology)
  • Devanuj: User-Usage model of technology adoption by emergent users
  • Lakshmi Murthy: Menstruation, Management, Sustainability - At what cost?
  • Sanjay Ghosh, Text input in Indian languages
  • Pankaj Doke, Usable security by emergent users
  • Deepak Ranjan Padhi, Supporting parents with less education to educate their children
  • Shaon Sengupta, Supporting healthcare among older emergent users with technology
  • Rupesh Nath, Text input in Indian languages
  • Shalaka Dighe

If you would like to pursue your PhD with me as their guide / co-guide in future, please visit here to find more about my research interests.

About the PhD Programme in IDC

The PhD programme at IDC was launched in 2005. For more about IDC's research, please visit here and here.


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