My Favourite Books

Mostly on HCI, interaction design, usability, information architecture, design process, but also some others that are my real favourites.

Start here:

  • Hugh Beyer and Karen Holtzblatt, Contextual Design, Morgan Kaufmann (1998) * (a newer edition is avaiable)
  • Mike Kuniavsky, Observing the User Experience, Morgan Kaufmann (2003) #
  • Jesse James Garrett, The Elements of User Experience, New Riders (2003) (a newer edition is available)

Might want to read five of these next:

  • Christopher Jones, Design Methods Seeds of Human Future, Wiley Interscience (1970)
  • Bill Buxton, Sketching User Experiences, Morgan Kaufmann (2007)
  • Deborah J. Mayhew, The Usability Engineering Lifecycle, Morgan Kaufmann (1999) *
  • Edward Tufte, Envisioning Information, Graphics Press (1990) #
  • Jakob Nielsen, Usability Engineering, Morgan Kaufmann (1993) *
  • Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann, About Face 2.0, Wiley (2003) * (Later editions available)
  • Russell Beale, Alan J. Dix, Janet E. Finlay, Gregory D. Abowd, Human-Computer Interaction, Prentice Hall (1997) *
  • Louis Rosenfield, Peter Morville, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, O'Rielly (2002) * (different edition!)
  • Bill Moggridge, Designing Interactions, The MIT Press (2006) #
  • Tom Kelly, The Art of Innovation, Currency Doubleday (2001) *
  • Tom Kelly, Jonathan Littman, The Ten Faces of Innovation, Currency Doubleday (2005)
  • Jeff Raskin, The Humane Interface, Addison Wesley (2000) *
  • John Maeda, The Laws of Simplicity, MIT Press (2006)*
  • Donald Norman, The Design of Everyday Things, Basic Books, (1988)*
  • Jeffrey Rubin, Handbook of Usability Testing, Wiley (1994) *
  • Joseph Dumas, Janice Redish, Practical Guide to Usability Testing, ( ) $
  • Designing interfaces : patterns for effective interaction design, Jennifer Tidwell, Oreilly (2005) *
  • Joann Hackos, Janice Redish, User and Task Analysis for Interface Design, Wiley (1998) *$
  • Ben Shneiderman, Designing the User Interface, Addison Wesley (2004) *
  • Randolph Bias, Deborah Mayhew, Cost-Justifying Usability, Morgan Kaufmann (2005)
  • Douglas van Duyne, James Landay, Jason Hong, The Design of Sites: Patterns for creating winning websites, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall (2006)*

Non-HCI / Design books that I suggest:

  • Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens, Penguine Random House (2011)
  • Judea Pearl, Dana Mackenzie, The Book of Why: The New Science of Cause and Effect, Basic Books (2018)
  • Jonathan Haidt, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion, Penguin UK (2013)
  • Scott McGloud, Understanding Comics, Harper Perennial (1994) *
  • Apostolos Doxiadia, Christos H. Papadimitriou, Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth, Bloomsbury Publishing (2009)
  • Rama Bijapurkar, We Are Like That Only, Penguin India (2016)
  • Ruchir Sharma, Breakout Nations, Penguin Allen Lane (2012)*
  • CK Prahlad, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, Pearson Power (2006)*
  • Tony Buzan, Barry Buzan, The Mind Map Book, BBC Worldwide Publishing (1993)
  • Muhammad Yunus, Building Social Business, Perseus Books Group (2011)
  • Geoffrey Moore, Crossing the Chasm, Harper Business (1999)
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow, Harper Perennial (1991)

Books on statistics:

  • Tom Tullis, Bill Albert, Measuring the User Experience, Morgan Kaufmann (2008)
  • Freedman, Purves, Pisani, Statistics, Viva Books, Fourth Edition (2011)
  • Norman Kurtz, Introduction to Social Statistics, McGraw Hill Book Company (1983)
  • Jeff Sauro, James R Lewis, Quantifying the User Experience: Practical Statistics for User Research, Morgan Kaufmann (2012)

More books

  • Donald Norman, Emotional Design, Basic Books (2005) #
  • Henry Dreyfuss, Designing for People, Allworth Press (1955)
  • Rosalind Picard, Affective Computing, The MIT Press (1997) *
  • Nandan Nilekani, Imagining India: Ideas for the New Century, Penguin India (2010)

* Book in IITB Central Library (please let me know if you find others)
# Book in IDC library
$ Book in KReSIT library

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