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About Anirudha Joshi (informal)

This is a bit informal introduction. If you are looking for a formal intro or a client list, it's here.

Contact Information
+91-22-2576 7829
Anirudha Joshi, IDC, IIT Bombay, Mumbai 400076, India


I did my BTech in Electrical Engineering (1989) from IIT Bombay, followed by my Masters in Design (1992) from the Industrial Design Centre, specializing in the field of visual communication. I like to believe that it is this mix of technical and creative backgrounds that has given me a unique perspective in the multi-disciplinary field of HCI design.

Work Experience

I have been working in IIT Bombay as Assistant Professor since December 1998. Prior to that I worked in the industry. UPDATE - March 2005: Got promoted to Associate Professor.

I started my design career in the Corporate Training Centre of Tata Consultancy Services. I was involved in the creation of educational videos and CBT's. I worked with TCS for two years.

Subsequently I worked in the field of Multimedia and Web development for a period of five years. I worked with Western Outdoors Interactive for two years, where I headed a team responsible for the creation of Multimedia content on CD ROMs and interface design for in-flight entertainment software. After that, I worked with Folklore Communications for one year. Here our team offered services for creation of multimedia and web based content. After Folklore, I spent a couple of years working as a freelance professional, working on projects related to multimedia and the web content creation.


Theatre, illustration and photography have been my hobbies for a long time. In my student days, I used to direct and act in plays. These days, I just watch. I love Indian art music (aka Indian classical music) - particularly Hindustani music. My favourite artists are Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia and Smt. Shruti Shadolikar. I am also a swimmer and an amateur trekker.


My wife, Madhavi, is a practicing Anesthetist. We have two sons, Advait, who is fifteen and Aditya who is six. My father, Shri Nana Joshi is a watercolouir artist and a realistic illustrator. One of my two brothers, Abhimanyu and my mother Mani, work with my father in the publishing business. My second brother, Atul, is a designer and runs a design consulting company Design Incubator in Mumbai.


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