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List of Publications:
(as on March 15th, 2005)

1.0   Design Thinking, Visualization, Mental Imagery and
2.0   Objects and Cultures
3.0   Product Semantics
4.0   Other Publications

1.0 Design Thinking, Visualization, Mental Imagery and Sketching
Gestures, Imagery and Spatial Reasoning, 'Visual and Spatial Reasoning', Eds.John S, Garo and Barbara Tversky, Preprints of the International Conference on Visual Reasoning (VR 99), MIT, June 15-17, 1999. pp 103-128.
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Mental Imagery as a Design Tool, Cybernetics and Systems, Vol 28, No 1, Jan-Feb, l997, pp 25-42. (Initially published in Proceedings of the Thirteenth European meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Ed. Robert Trappl. Austrian Society of Cybernetics Studies and University of Vienna, Austria, April 19-12, 1996, Vol II, pp 382-387)
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Learning to Handle Imagery Creativity, Synopsis of presentation in the International Workshop on Cognitive Basis of Learning, at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, December 7 - 12, l995, Bombay, l995, Published in Vivek, NCST publication.

Learning from the way Designers Model Shapes in their Mind, Cognitive Systems : from Intelligent Systems to Artificial life? ed. J.R. Issac and V. Jindal, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 1997, pp 221-232.

Rediscovery the Act of Sketching: Implication of its Support to the Creative Thought Process, Design Recherche, No. 2, Sept. l992, pp 45-60.

Thinking Style and CAD, Proceedings of Conference on Design Research, University of Compiegne, l990, pp 109-116.

1.1 Co-authored publications
Garde A, Kuthiala S and Athavankar U A., Interventions in the Mental Imagery: Design process in a different perspective, Proceeding of the 5th asian Design Conference, International Syposium on Design Science, Seoul National University, Korea, Oct 11-13, 2001,

Gill N, Deshmukh H. S. And U. A. Athavankar, Imagery as a private experience and architectural team work , Collaborative Design, Eds. Stephen A.R. Scrivener, Linden J. Ball and Woodcock, Springer-Verlag, London, 2000, pp 223-232.

M.V. Bhedasgaonkar, A. Jalote and U.A. Athavankar. Co-design: sharing Mental Imagery?: Team Thinking in Filmmaking, Proceedings of CoDesign 2000, Eds. Stephen A.R. Scrivener, Linden J. Ball and Woodcock, Coventry September 11-13, 2000, pp.87-92 ,

Patil, S. and U. A. Athavankar Ringside view of the mental imagery experiences of a design team, Proceedings of Design Plus Research, Politechnico de Milano , Milan, Italy, 2000, pp 179- 186.

1.2 Other Student Publications
The potential of mental imaging in architectural design process Singh, A. Proceedings of International Conference on Design and Technology Educational Research and Curriculum Development, IDATER 99. University of Loughborough , England, 1999, pp230-236.

Castles in air : A strategy to model shapes in a computer Varshney, S. Proceedings of third Asia Pacific Computer Human Interaction Conference (APCHI'98) Japan ,July 1998, pp350- 355.

2.0 Objects and Cultures
Meeting the Challenges of Globalization, Proceedings of the conference 'Design for Development', Nov 9, 2001, by Design Institute, Durban, South Africa, In press.

Challenges of Desperate Extremes
, Proceedings of ICSID 2001, Seoul, Korea, Oct 7-11,2001, ICSID, pp 36-42.

From Global Village to Real Village, Proceedings of the Educational panel, ICSID 2001, Seoul, Korea, Oct 7-11, 2001.

Identity: A Biodata of Objects?, in Proceedings of the Conference 'disContinuous Threads', NCPA, Mumbai, Dec 10-12,1997.

Cultural Identity and Design, Challenges to Designers in Traditional Cultures, Formdiskurs, Journal of Design & Design Theory, no. 3, II/1997, pp 68-81.

Objects and Cultural Notions, in Proceeding of the Third International Conference on Design Education in Developing Countries, Pretoria, South Africa, March 25-27, l997.

Globalization and the Roots in the Culture, Architecture + Design, Vol XIII, no 6, Nov-Dec l996, pp 98, 99

Mapping the Globalized Mind, International Seminar: Design Odyssey 2010, IDC, Bombay, December 1994, (proceeding not published)

3.0 Product Semantics
Natural Language and the Art of Object Creation, Are there any common Issues? In proceeding of Indian Congress on Knowledge and Language, Mysore, l996, Vol III, pp 1 - 22.

Surface as 'Interface": Confronting the New Semantic Issues in Product Form, Proceedings of International Convention on Surface Engineering, Bangalore, India, l992.

The Semantic Profile of Products, In Semantic Vision in Design, Ed. Vihima Susan, University of Industrial Art, UIAH, Helsinki, 1990, pp D1 - 31,

Categorizatiion : Natural Language and Design, Design Issues, Chicago, Vol l, no2, 1989, pp 100-111

4.0 Other Publications
Urban Street Furniture Design, A Problem of Handling a Complex System, Fountainhead, Oct - Dec. l996.

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