TATA Centre Affordable Housing Project


The land cost in the urban cities is shooting up day by day as the availability of living space is becoming scarce. This forces the poor immigrants, into informal and temporary living setup, which in turn grows as the slums in the cities. This project attempts to provide a reasonable housing option for these groups. Slums in different cities were studied for understanding the lifestyle of migrants. The data threw up four persona, namely Transients, Settlers, Hedonist and Risers. The current project cater to groups like Transients. Based on these studies, the minimum space required for a family of 6 members was calculated and different layouts were made for the same. Out of these, three layouts were selected as the final layouts of the house and a working model of one among these layouts was made to get the feedback of the users. Throughout the project we followed the approach of experiential learning where we made the life size mock-up of the house in the initial stage itself and then based on our own experience inside the house, we modified it to suit the needs of the actual user category. Subsequently, the slum families were asked to give suggestions. The main focus throughout the project was to efficiently use of entire cubic volume inside the house. For this, various spaces which can be of multiple use were identified and designed according to the incremental needs of the user. The outcome of this project is the pre-engineered DIY furniture structure that empower the users of the dwelling as the sole designers of their own built space. We have followed a path of co-creation in this particular project. Provisions were also made for the user to bring in his own furniture or equipment and place it effectively in the house in such a way it does not eat up much space. Users are involved at different stages such as during the concept generation, concept development as well as at the receiving end.

Prof. Uday Athavankar

M : +91 98192 08930
E : uaa@iitb.ac.in