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UA Atahvankar -Basic Design, Product Design, Product Semantics, Cognition and Imagery, Environment Design, Furniture Design, Exhibition Design

Nishant Sharma - Automotive Design, CAID Computer Aided Industrial Design, Vehicle Design Process, Product Form and Aesthetics, Participatory Innovation

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       E : nishantsharma@iitb.ac.in
Samsung Refrigerator
Designing refrigerator for India demands that you study how different communities with diverse food habits use the product. Contextual inquiry was conducted in six cities across India covering 40 middle class families. The study revealed which food item is used how often and which one is difficult to preserve. It was also supported by study of the buying process. The analysis ended with a three-day ideation workshop. The focus was on innovation in storage of food. The contributions include Door within door, pull out cage to ensure easier access to frequently used food, damage free storage for delicate foods (like Tomatoes, Coriander).