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Research and Projects

Udaya Kumar’s domain of research is typography to be more specific Tamil typography. The lack of research and resource on regional typography made him realize to compile and create the knowledge. In this quest, he took projects relating to typography in his Master’s program. He made an attempt to write a book on Tamil typography but it is still at the initial stage for publication purpose. Since his Master’s, he has been trying to collect, document, study and build content for Tamil typography. He took to doctoral research at Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay in order to develop a rigorous and concrete research material on the subject. He has been pursuing this endeavor for quite a while and is now hoping to establish a reasonable content in the near future. He thinks there is still a long journey to explore and really understand what Tamil typography is. He also has plans and wishes to collaborate with people in other Indian languages typography and typography in general to expand his awareness.

His architecture thesis was on urban design – future cities. Waterworld is a futuristic floating city designed on the Arabian Sea (few kilometers away from Mumbai). It is an alternative design concept for the ever growing metro cities on the coastal lines.