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Video on Letterpress printing

Supervisor: Prof. Kirti Trivedi

The project had a twofold objective, to explain letterpress printing and to learn visual communication through audio visual medium. The final video provides comprehensive information on letterpress printing such as its basic principles, history, working method, various types and their operation. The project included planning, script writing, story board making, shooting, sound mixing, graphics inclusion, editing and final video output. The video also contains an interview by late Prof. R. K. Joshi on letterpress printing and its influence on Devanagari typography.

Screen shots of the letterpress video
Images from the video (clockwise)
1. Form to be printed is being fixed on to the platen machine
2. Titling of the video
3. Prof. R. K. Joshi
4. Composing text on a composing stick using lead types from the cases