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Documentation of Tamil typefaces

Supervisor: Prof. Kirti Trivedi

Aim of the project was to document Tamil typefaces from the origin of printing to present digital typefaces. Especially typefaces during the letterpress period were given more importance. The catalogues of typefaces from type foundaries, printing presses, publication industries were collected. Since there were very few letterpress typefoundaries exists in Tamil, pages from old printed books were scanned and complied together in a book form. More than five hundred digital typefaces from various digital type vendors, DPT operators, design firms and software developers were collected and catalogued. In the process of documentation the transformation of letters over the years was studied.

Early printed books
Cover Page of the first printed book in Tamil, 'Doctrina Christam'. On right is a page from the second printed book.
Early printed books
Advertisement pages from the books printed in 1930s.