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Project Title: Epistemological Narrative Framework - A Narrative Based Approach for Designing Secondary School Science Content

Supervisor: Prof Ravi Poovaiah

In recent years, use of stories in general science education at secondary level has gained impetus. Arthur Stinner, Yannis Hadzigeorgiou and Isabelle have shown how historical information can be used to create narratives as a supplement for science learning. The philosophical foundation supporting the use of historical information for science education was first proposed by Thomas Kuhn in his book “The structure of scientific revolutions”. Kuhn’s argument was that a science textbook only publishes the final outcome or conclusion of a discovery, however, the essence of scientific tradition exists in the series of events that lead to the formulation of a theory. The series of events go beyond the work of an individual scientist. Scientific tradition exists in the process by which a concept evolves over time.

We believe that the process of development of scientific concepts that lead to advancement of science is of a structured nature, a structure that resembles with that of a Narrative. Understanding the epistemological relationship between narrative structures and knowledge acquisition/creation event can help in developing Narratives that capture the essence of science which exists in the process that lead to a discovery or invention. Based upon the understanding of this relationship and integrating certain aspects of Theory of Knowledge, Theory of Narrative and Theory of Learning, we develop the Epistemological Narrative Framework to assist in the design of Narratives for secondary school science textbooks. A series of textbook chapters were designed using the Epistemological Narrative Framework, used as part of control group experiments with secondary school students. The results show significant difference in the recall of students who were delivered lesson in the story form versus those who were taught with their current textbook approach. The final implication of this research is the possibility of restructuring the secondary school science content centered on the Epistemological Narrative Framework.

Journal Publication
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Author - Sachin Datt and Ravi Poovaiah (2012)

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