Rajendra  D.  Patsute

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Project Title: Study of Powerplant Control Room Ergonomics in Indian Context and Development of Design Norms.

Supervisor: Prof G G Ray

A Power plant  is a complex engineering system which requires 24 hour continuous monitoring by operating personnel to observe, assimilate, analyse, report, respond to the numerous status parameters of different plant machinery presented by various information devices . The operators are faced with the task of managing emergency situations and convert them to routine maintainable ones. The task demands physical, perceptual, cognitive, physiological and motor response capabilities from the operator.

The research focuses on generating precise data by field studies with a intention of  knowing the capabilities and limitations  of the people who will operate the control rooms and integrating it in to the design process. Development of experimental prototypes and evaluation for  better understanding of the underlying structural design leading to findings that  will form the  ergonomic guidelines for development of a control room. The findings will not be limiting to the research area but will also find  relevance in a spectrum of areas relating to design of control devices and environments.

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