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Project Title: Calligraphy in Mughal period in comparison with Iranian Calligraphy: An analysis of Persian calligraphy in visual aspects

Supervisor: Prof Ravi Poovaiah

The research identifies the differences as well as similarities of the two important schools of Islamic calligraphy in Persia and Hindustan during Mughal period. It compares two schools in three different times: in the beginning, middle and end of this era.

The visual analysis attempts to present clearer results with the help of details of pictures as the primary sources and demonstrating exact results by illustration and their captions. It uses a series of lines or angles to demonstrate the connection and difference between two similar parts of two masterpieces which belong to the same period in history.

The literature review attempts a comprehension of all available data about Islamic calligraphy focusing on Persian calligraphy from different old and new sources in English, Farsi, Urdu and Arabic. It also employs primary sources, in corroboration of the analyses such as a survey of specimens of calligraphy including available inscriptions in variety of monuments’ inscriptions of Iran and India as well as manuscripts of Islamic calligraphy in different source of museums, libraries and privet collections in both countries.

This study attempts to: a) offer some new ways of classifying Islamic Calligraphy Styles. b) describe comprehensively all Islamic Calligraphy Styles. C) prepare a chronology of Islamic Calligraphy. D) prepare a list of Islamic Calligraphers E) present a Terminology.






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