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Project on 'Tools, Technologies and Finishes for Bamboo':

Under a UNDP sponsored project through Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, a Tool kit with 33 items and 4 Hand operated Machines were designed and developed by a team of designers and engineers lead by Prof. A.G. Rao. Tool Kits and Small Machines were brought into production with several field trials and feed back. The tools in the tool kit covers various operations in bamboo craft from cutting of bamboo to final finishing.

Two manufacturers - Lamicraft Enterprises and kadirus manufacture the tool kit and small machines under license from Bamboo Studio, IDC, IIT Bombay.

Several Natural dye finishes for Bamboo were also developed under the above project. Manuals for the coloring as well as operation of tools and machines were also brought out as part of the projects.

A concept of Micro Common Facility Centers was propagated involving transfer of 'Design' along with tools and technologies.

For additional information, Write to
Prof A G Rao
Project Co-ordinator
at agrao[at]iitb.ac.in  


Ongoing major research activities at the Ergonomics Laboratory:

All the major activities currently being undertaken by Ergonomics laboratory can be classified under three major areas namely
1. Basic research
2. Product Ergonomics
3. Biomedical Engineering

1. Basic research: The laboratory is carrying out extensive research in the area of manual material handling with special emphasis on women work force.

2. Product Ergonomics: The laboratory conducts regular researches in the area of automobile ergonomics, furniture ergonomics, railway driver cabin design, sanitary ware design etc

3. Biomedical Engineering: Being a part of Indian Institute of Technology and also having close proximity with different hospitals and rehabilitation centers, the laboratory conducts extensive researches in the areas of developing products for physically handicapped. The laboratory is also doing extensive researches for developing products related to diabetic feet pressure measurements and gait analysis, improvement in tensioner for ilizarov method, developing a vestibule stimulator for CP children etc.

For additional information, Write to
Prof G G Ray
Ergonomics Co-ordinator
at ggray[at]iitb.ac.in  

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