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IDC's research activities fall into these categories:

Product oriented research projects
In the area of product oriented research, projects have been undertaken for designing bicycle and tricycle for load carrying, communication device for the spastics, Cooking range for the blind, Keyboard for Indian Languages, tools for bamboo craftsmen, etc.

Experimental research
Typical experimental research projects include the development of anthropometric standards for specific sections of the population like children and industrial workers. In the field of visual communication, the research focus has been on legibility of Indian scripts. Research has also been done in understanding'; designerly way of thinking and solving problems.

Open-ended exploratory research projects
Material explorations with bamboo as a material has created new possibilities. So are the explorations in type design and visual forms.

Theoretical research and documentation
The studies and teaching of product semantics in IDC rely extensively on research in cognitive psychology. Documentation and analysis of Indian product and visual tradition has resulted in initiating new courses at IDC.

Pedagogic research
Work in the areas of semantics, creativity, bionics, perception, visualization and ideation has resulted in the development of new assignments, elective courses and development of a different approach to teaching design courses.

Inputs from research have contributed towards continuous revitalization of the academic programs and have helped in formulating new courses and increasing the quality of courses.

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