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Doctoral Students and their areas:

- Nina Sabnani (graduated in 2011):
  Story Telling and Narrative Structures - 'The unfolding of a
  Kaavad' for Learning -

- Sherline Pimenta (graduated in 2011):
  Visual Representation, Visual Narrative Structures - 'Exploring Modes of Visual   Narratives (Static Form)'

- Aneesha Sharma: (graduated in 2012):
  Phenomenon of 'Letting Go' in Visual Arts and Design -

- Sachin Datt (graduated in 2012):
  Educational Story Design - 'Methodology for designing stories for knowledge   transfer in Vocational education context' -

- Farzan Kermaninejad (graduated in 2013):
  Calligraphy in Mughal period in comparison with Iranian Calligraphy -

- Rupa Narayan
  Design Pedagogy for Sustainability

- Nanki Nath
  Retail Signage in Indian Cities

- Santosh Kshirsagar
  Learning to Write

- Krishna Kumar
  Interactive Visual Narratives (IVNs): Controlled (assistive) reorientation (of time   and space))

- Anisha Malhotra
  Development of Cognitive functions in children through exploration and   collaborative practicess

- Suresh Sethi
  Aesthetics and Sustainability

- Phani Tetali
  Interplay between New Media, Technology and Pedagogy in school level Science   Education in the Indian context

- Aakash Johry
  Exploring the framework & the characteristics of play artefacts that foster   playfulness in children with special needs

- Amit Seth
  Signage and Navigation Systems



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