The Open Arts Programme


The Open Arts Programme at IIT Bombay explores open ended learning frameworks. Student interns and resident artists interested in pursuing a self-directed journey in the arts spend three months to two years at one of the studios at IDC, IIT Bombay. At the end of their stay they are invited to share their work through a seminar / an exhibition / a screening or a performance. The initiative has received an encouraging response from very young learners as well as practising artists; an emphasis on “riyaaz” has helped create a quiet energy in the studios.


Prof. Raja Mohanty

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Nothing Concrete:
The Ceramic Studio

The planet is closely linked to ceramics because the molten core in contact with earth gives us ceramics! The pursuit of the ancient tradition of pottery is a fascinating journey; not only does it link us to ancestors thousands of years back, it also offers a meditative space for centering oneself in the 21st century. The ceramic studio at IDC offers a minor course to undergraduate students at IIT and an elective to students of design in pottery and ceramics. It also offers a residency programme to practising potters.